“HELP THE CHILDREN” The International Children’s Charity  (ICC) – was founded in 1991, following a visit to Ukraine by one of ICCF’s founders. Her personal observation of the tragedies, difficulties, and sufferings of the children victimized by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster served to spark a quest and determination to alleviate the misery suffered by the innocent victims — the children — of manmade and natural disasters. Consequently, our earlier activities have focused on Chernobyl.

The International Children’s Charity Foundation – “HELP FOR/THE CHILDREN” is a 501(c)(3), nonprofit public benefit corporation organized for charitable purposes and designed to: promote the welfare of children in need, including children with physical disabilities and/or life threatening diseases.

Our History

Following a visit to Ukraine after the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster, the International Children’s Charity Foundation (ICCF – “HELP FOR/THE CHILDREN”) was founded.

With “THE CHILDREN OF CHERNOBYL,” a program was designed to help the children who were victimized by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, ICCF began its crusade to alleviate the suffering of children worldwide. With ICCF – “HELP FOR/THE CHILDREN” and its “THE CHILDREN OF CHERNOBYL” program, terminally ill children and their doctors were brought from Ukraine to Los Angeles, California.

In Los Angeles the children were able to get critical medical help from Dr. Robert Gayle, a Professor at the UCLA Medical Center. Furthermore, ICCF – “HELP FOR/THE CHILDREN” in Kiev was able to send eleven groups of approximately 500 children to Italy and France to receive medical treatment and rehabilitation therapy. Nearly 40 tons of medicines, baby formula, clothing, and other humanitarian aid were distributed to several orphanages and pediatric hospitals, including Borznynskay School-Orphanage, Kiev Infant Orphanage, Gorenka School for Chernobyl Children, Kagarlek Delivery and Pediatric Hospital, Orphanage School #3, Kiev, Zgurovskay School-Orphanage, Volodarskay School-Orphanage for orphaned children, Vorzelskay Infant Orphanage, Clinical Institute-Problems of Pediatrics, and many others.

“THE CHILDREN OF CHERNOBYL,” thus, became the first of many programs ICCF – “HELP FOR/THE CHILDREN” initiated and/or participated in. Since 1991, ICCF has been on a crusade to help the suffering of children throughout the world… and the struggle continues.