How You Can Help

Lend A Helping Hand: twenty years after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, the impact of the accident continues to produce dreadful poison. Furthermore, wars in Yugoslavia (Bosnia, Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia), terror in Chechnya and Middle East, Afghanistan and other hot points throughout the world has left more and more children struggling to survive on the streets of Belgrade, Baghdad, Kabul, Rio, Pakistan, Chechnya, Kosovo, Somalia and Sudan.

As a consequence, the children are being abused, used as children soldiers, continuously poisoned by their environment, including their food and water. The children are alone, afraid, and in danger. We cannot be indifferent to the many defenseless and suffering children. Spirits are low and they are without much hope, which is why our help is so desperately needed and so greatly appreciated. But for us to help, we would need your help.

We accept not only financial donations, but especially medical equipment and supplies.

Your donation will go to projects such as the “Afghanistan Food and Medical Aid Airlift (AFMAA)” to save and aid more than 1.2 millions refugees and for victims of the tuberculosis and cholera epidemic outbreak in Asia. Nutrients and especially baby food are immediately needed for children’s hospitals and orphanages in Russia, Ukraine, Yugoslavia, India and Africa. Practically every thing is needed including furniture, nonperishable food, adult and children’s clothes, toys for homeless children are also requested at the “LA Battered Women’s With Children Shelter” and “Union Rescue Mission”